Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoe Sale!!!!

Last January, my friend Laura and I woke up at extremely early on a Saturday morning to go shopping in West Hollywood, but this wasn't any normal shopping trip. This was for the slightly infamous DecadesTwo semiannual shoe sale. All of their designer shoes are on sale for $150 and less. A large portion of the shoes are new, never been worn or gently used including Marcs, Pradas, Louboutins and all of the other big names in designer footwear. My friend ended up getting two pairs of never been worn shoes including a pair of black patent "too small" Marc Jacob from 2007. I got my pink satin Pradas!

The July sale is next Saturday morning!!! I am very excited! There are a few older shoes that I have major crushes on that I hope will some how show up at the sale in the 7/8 section. The only downside is that the 7/8 section of the sale is the most popular section by far so there is a lot of people fighting over the shoes. My friend wears a bigger size and almost no one was looking in that section (or the really small section)! Last year we were in the first 25 people in line and we got to look at all of the shoes first!

(here is a picture from January, I'm standing unwinding yarn, my friend is sitting from RackedLA)

If anyone is interested in going or meeting up afterwards, let me know, email me! We will definitely be going again this year! I can't wait! I need someone else who wears a 7/8 to come with me and help me look through that section. See everyone next Saturday!


Becca said...

Well hello dream shoes, aren't you lovely! I'd love to see a DecadesTwo sale in Boston so I can get my hands on some of this great shoe loot!

MissMae said...

i'm sorry that they don't have one in boston! they did have a pop-up one in s.f. and nyc! maybe someday you'll be able to make it out to la and come to the sale! :)