Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Dress: vintage with belt from parents' friend
Purse: coral Coach bag with short and crossbody straps
Bracelet: flowers from Hawaii several years ago
Shoes: "Seppa" blush corset heels from Aldo
Sunglasses: D&G from Sunglass Hut
Earrings: blue and white seed bead made by me for this dress

I got my wish for hot weather this weekend just in time for our backyard pool parties. I had a hard time picking out an outfit that was dressy but also cool enough for the 90 degree temperatures. The dress that I settled on is a vintage dress that was given to me by one of my parents friends. She cleaned out her closet a few years ago and gave my sister and I the dresses that were still in good condition.

My friends in college always made fun of this dress whenever I wore it. They called it my grandma dress. How sad! I love his dress. It was a lot longer but my mom hemmed it for me several inches so the length is a lot more flattering. I wish that I could find 6 more dresses exactly like this one in different patterns. Then I could have one for every day of the week when it is too hot to wear anything else this summer. I hope that everyone had a great memorial day weekend!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sneaky Snake Belt

I got a request to post a closeup of the snake belt. Excuse the blurriness of the photo.

Have a good memorial day weekend! I will be spending it by the pool trying to not get sunburned. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Why Shoe Crushes are better than Boy Crushes...

1. Shoes will never break your heart.
2. They will never get jealous of your other shoes.
3. They don't mind living in a (cardboard) box.
4. They won't use you.
5. Your friends will be jealous.
6. You can share them with your friends.
7. They make your feet pretty.
8. If you aren’t happy with them you can just get a new pair.
9. They won’t complain about your spending habits.
10. Your shoes won’t mind a makeover.

***UPDATE*** If anyone finds these shoes (or any of the ones from this collection) in a UK5/US7 PLEASE let me know. I've been searching for months for these shoes. They are Luella Bartley by Georgina Goodman. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Shoe Crush

Some girls have crushes on every new boy they meet, I have crushes on every cute shoe I see. My latest crush is this pair of L.A.M.B. wedges. I used to think that pale blush shoes just blended in too much with my skin color but now I realize that it can really elongate the leg (which is really good considering I have short legs in proportion to the rest of my body). Unfortunately, like the majority of the shoes that are on my crush list, these are out of my price range for the moment. So sad but someday I'll have a whole closet full of pretty shoes like these; for now I can only wish for them.... aren't they lovely?
            blush lamb wedges

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shredded T-Shirt

After seeing beautifully shredded t-shirts on Childhood Flames, Outsapoptrashion, Atlantis Home, and a few other blogs, I had to make one, too. Since the project doesn't require any supplies other than a knit t-shirt (or any knit fabric) and something sharp to separate the loops, I thought it was the perfect DIY for a lazy Saturday.  The shredding started out slow because I didn't realize that you have to start each section to be shredded with the width THEN work upwards pulling the loops (if you watch the childhood flames video this will make more sense.  The whole process ended up taking over 5 hours and was spread out over several days.  Even though it took forever, I am so happy with the result.  I already have several friends comment that they want one of their own! Instead of making all of them, I'm thinking about having a t-shirt shredding party.  That way I have time to make more for myself! 
From the front it looks like a normal plain white t...
T-shirt: DIY shredded, Hanes 8 pack from Target
Bra: from Victoria's Secret
Skirt: gift, Kimchi Blue from UO
Belt: borrowed from friend
Bracelet: borrowed from friend
Shoes: Steve Madden from Steve Madden store

from the back it is artfully deconstructed...

I used a regular Hanes tshirt that comes in a pack of 8 from Target because that is what I had lying around but any knit will work, even if it is a rib. Good luck shredding your own shirts. Just remember it takes a lot of time and patience. OR if you don't want to DIY it I would be happy to take custom orders for a small fee.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Garden

My lovely cousin Tanya offered to take these photos for me today in exchange for helping with her makeup portfolio. They were taken in the garden on the side of her house. She even let me borrow the snake belt that I am wearing.  My sister has a complete phobia of snakes and was freaked out just by touching the belt but it reminds me of the pet snake that my college roommate had.

Blouse: batwing from H&M, gift from Danish cousin
Skirt: Kimchi Blue, birthday gift from friend
Shoes: "Firlik" via Aldo Day After Thanksgiving Sale
Belt: borrowed from Tanya

Here is a close up of the shoes. They are my favorite shoes but since they are pointy I can't wear them for hours at a time like I can with some of my other heels. 

- Melissa