Monday, July 26, 2010

She bargains like a lawyer...

Shirt: Collette Dinnigan
Skirt: Moschino
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana 

This weekend was an amazing shopping weekend for me. I scored some amazing deals and significantly increased the size of my wardrobe for a really small amount of money. The whole outfit is comprised of pieces that I got on my shopping adventures this weekend. The blouse is by an Australian designer, Collettee Dinnigan, who is the first Australian designer to launch a ready-to-wear collection in Paris in 1995. The skirt is one of two Moschino skirts that I picked up from the sale and I absolutely love the pleating on the front and the two little slits on either side of the pleating. Designer clothing and shoes have that extra amount of detail in the design that really sets them apart.

In addition to going back to the garage sale, my friend and I went to the bi-annual DecadesTwo shoe blowout sale. We got to the store around 6am and waited in line for 3 hours! Thankfully we borrowed an iPad and we were able to keep ourselves entertained. We even recognized some of the people in line from January! The only downside to the sale was 25+ 1 friend each were allowed to go to the front of the line! They won a contest held by Racked LA the day before that let them in earlier than everyone else who had been waiting in line as early as 4am! That seemed to be a bit unfair because it is a pretty high amount of people considering they only let about 20 people at most into the store at one time and they only have about 300 pairs of shoes (the limit this time was 3 pairs of shoes per person)! In the end most of the women that went to the head of line walked out empty handed and disappointed. We were kinda happy, because if they hadn't have let all of those people in first we would have been in the first group to go in (which is really important when you wear a size 7/8)!

My friend and I both ended up getting two pairs of shoes each! I promise that all of the shoes will get photographed for the blog so everyone can see the loot that we got at the sale. One thing about the sale is that you can't go in with any kind of requirements for what kind of shoe you want unless it is really broad. My requirements are that the shoe isn't black, super delicate, or too pointy! I can't wait to shoe you the other pair of shoes that I got!!!!

p.s. I just realize that my outfit below is almost a copy of my co-workers outfit! how awkward! I must have had that outfit on the brain when I got dressed last Friday!

Did anyone else go to the DecadesTwo shoe sale?

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