About Me

I'm a second generation Valley girl that has always loved clothes, bags and shoes. At the age of three my parents tried to take me to a toy store while on vacation but I insisted that we go to the shoe store next door instead. Around the age of four I told my mom that I only wanted to wear pink, absolutely no purple of any kind and only skirts and dresses. Now I love purple and wear it way more often than pink.

Up until college though I was forced to wear uniforms to school which made it that much more exciting to wear regular clothes on the weekend but also made for a hard transition to college. Since college I've been enjoying my ability to wear what ever I want without being forced to wear a uniform!

I love to make my own clothing and jewelry and have been since I was able to string some beads on a ribbon and call it a bracelet. The most complicated thing that I've ever made myself was a dress with a zipper (in 8th grade)!!! Now, I'm into shredding shirts and studding everything I can find in my closet.

Things I like: my dog Tanner, shoes, ballet, debate, junk food especially french fries and bagels, diet coke, dressing up, The Office, swings

Things I dislike: tomatoes, coffee, cats, waking up early, hot weather, orange, brown, bugs, traffic

Feel free to email me if you have any more questions :)