Monday, March 14, 2011

The Return of Outfit Posts

After my long blogging hiatus to focus on personal academic goals I have returned with an outfit that I wore shortly after my last outfit post. I'm not sure how much longer outfit posts will continue because I will be starting school again in August for the next three years. Hopefully this blog will become an outlet for me while I am in school to connect with all my family and friends living other parts of the country. I can't wait to show you all of the new clothing, inspiration, makeup and other adventures that happened during my time away from the blog. So make sure to check back often to see my new posts.

I wore this outfit to my cousin's wedding in late October. It was a gorgeous Chinese themed wedding that paid homage to the groom's heritage. The bride was gorgeous in a traditional white wedding dress followed by a traditional Chinese red dress.

I bought this dress because I loved the bright color combination along with the bow in the back. Thankfully it has a hidden support system or the dress never would have stayed in place while dancing all night. I was extremely happy that I choose to wear plastic shoes because of heavy rains the night before that transformed most of the ground into mud. Any other pair of shoes would have been  thoroughly ruined but these were sparkling after a quick hosing.

Dress: Kay Unger from Nieman Marcus Last Call
Shoes: Melissa by Vivienne Westwood
Earrings: Shelly Segal from Nordstrom's Rack

The wedding was over an hours drive away meaning that we didn't have much time to get ready before we hopped in the car so I was forced to do my makeup in the car. Early in the day I bought false eyelashes with the hope I could figure out how to put them on myself, even though I have never attempted it before. Since I ended up putting all my makeup on in the car my sister Jessica was able to successfully put them on during the car ride! She didn't even poke my eye out! That is serious talent my friends! So if you need help putting on false eyelashes and happen to be in a moving car then please call my sister up so she can apply them. (Excuse the crappy picture, it was dark by the time I got around to documenting the eyelashes and I was also suffering from a horrible cold that kept me sneezing all night.)