Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Perfect Red

I went on a quest to find the perfect dark red lipstick.  After seeing all of the fall runway looks with dark red lips I knew that I needed to get one for myself.  The sales woman at Sephora pointed me in the direction of Make Up For Ever #205, a gorgeous deep red color (you can only get this color at Sephora and they sell out fast in the store!).  I managed to snag the last tube and even had to fight my friend for it.  (She decided to get MAC's Russian Red instead.) Just in the 20 minutes that I modeled it around the store I got a few compliments and people asked me which lipstick it was because they wanted it to try it too!

After wearing it to work twice, I can say that if you wear it you will get a TON of comments on it, all good ones of course (except for maybe a few creeper ones).  The color is very saturated and leaves my lips bright pink until I exfoliate them!!! I am definitely hooked on this lipstick and plan on wearing it whenever I want to feel extra glamorous. :)

The only red lipstick that I had before was Revlon 655 Scarlet Velvet.  If you are looking for a good drugstore red lipstick that might be comparable I would definitely suggest trying this Revlon color.