Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's in my purse

Purse: Coach bag from the Coach Outlet in Camarillo
Reading Glasses: Armani from Lenscrafters
Sunnies: D&G from Sunglass Hut
Book: Letters to Kaia by Michael Riisager, from my sister to read during Jury Duty
Wallet: Coach wristlet, gift
Button: Save Olvera St. from Jury Duty friend
Hand sanitizer: Cucumber Melon, gift
iPod Nano: birthday present
Phone: LG VU, I hate my phone and can't wait to get a new one
Date Book: from H.S. but never wanted to use it because it's so cute, gift
Pen: Uni-Ball fine
Sweat band: Danish flag for world cup, made by my sister
Spoon: from a recent Yogurtland trip, my family/friends are in love with this place
Watch: Kenneth Cole, was a present to my dad, but he never wore it so I claimed it for myself
Keys: car keys, Gonzaga Alum keyring, LAPPL keychain, Melissa keychain, SAFTEY whistle, house keys
GPS: Tom Tom, gift because I ALWAYS get lost driving around
Chapstick Chapstick: I love this stuff but I constantly lose them
Lipgloss: CO Bigelow winter collection, Vanilla Cream Eggnog, gift
Earphones: I HATE these but I lost my SkullCandys
Keycard: for the parking garage at my office

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