Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black Bows + Red Hearts

Shirt: birthday present; it's actually Miley Cyrus for 
Max Azria but they have the exact same shirt at FF21
Skinnies: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Steve Madden, SM store in Emeryville
Earrings: gift from friend

I wore this outfit to work today because I wanted something that would be comfortable and match my red lipstick. Waking up early is not my thing, even after months of working at my job, so I am always rushing to get out of the house. My outfits depend on my mood for the day so I can't pick them out the night before, unless I am going to a special event or someplace like Disneyland! Thursdays are my favorite day at work because one of the partners always brings in some sort of breakfast for the whole office!!! So delicious!


Elle Sees said...

love the pop of red!

MissMae said...

thank you! i think that red is my favorite accent color.

tanya said...