Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in my makeup bag

Last night I posted "What's in my bag" and I thought that I would post a followup of "What's in my makeup bag". This is what I take to work with me so I can do my makeup in the morning at work when I get in early. The contents usually rotates depending on what makeup I am feeling for the day.

Bag: Estee Lauder, I think that my mom got this as a free gift and gave it to me
Claritin: essential to living mostly-allergy free
Assorted brushes: mostly from Target?
Eye Pencil: Wet 'n Wild Black 
Hip Eyeshadow Duo: L'Oreal in Gilded, the gold side is my favorite, I use it in the corner of my eyes when I need a little shimmer
Lipstick: Make Up For Ever #205 (see previous post) from Sephora - best lipstick EVER!
Blue Eyshadow: Sephora brand in Chrome N o 4
Two pairs of tweezers, not sure why there are two 
Mascara: Maybelline XXL Curl Power
Lipglosses: Stila from gift pack in kitten, clear from N.Y.C. cosmetics from Target
Chapstick: Neutrogena, came with sunscreen
Under eye concealer: Clinique in Light Neutral #1 (I'm pale!)
Loose blush powder: Maybelline Mineral Powder in Gentle Pink from Target, loose powder because I always seem to drop my blush or have it break when I'm traveling and loose powder will never crack like compressed!
Eyeshadow Quads: Maybelline (again) in Stylish Smokes #04 Charcoal Smokes, #6 Amethyst Smokes, Designer Chocolates

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