Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gray Yellow


Shirt: Asos, from Danish cousin
Skirt: yellow with embroidered flower pattern St. Johnson's Bay, 
thirfted in Spokane for a Halloween costume
Shoes: cracked gold gladiators
Earrings: costume pearl flower cluster from my grandma maybe?
Necklace: Forever21

My lovely sister Jessica took these pictures for me because my parents and my little sister went to see the World of Color at California Adventureland. I love the color combination of gray and yellow with subtle gold accents. Yellow has always been a hard color for me to combine with other colors. I can never seem to find a combination I liked until this one. The realization came to me after I saw a wedding with pale yellow and gray as their colors and it looked amazing together. Light gray really makes this pale yellow pop where black would have made me look like a bumble bee and it's not even Halloween. 

I've had these earrings for as long as I can remember playing dress up. There was some school event that I really wanted to wear them at because I was SOO upset when I was little that my ears weren't pierced but one of the pearls had fallen out. I found another pearl the right size in our craft supplies and glued it in but the other pearls were slightly yellowed, instead of just leaving it be I painted both of the earrings with gold glitter nail polish to hide the fact that one of the pearls was bright white! Oh well! I hope that they weren't family heirlooms! I still wearing them occasionally because from far away you can't tell that they are gold and glittery. But at least now I have real pierced ears so I'm not forced to wear clip ons! 


Karla said...

NIce skirt!

p.s. Cute blog!

-Karla <--- check it out if bored =)

MissMae said...

thank you! i'll definitely check out your blog. it's cool that you live in la too!!

Anonymous said...

you should put a picture of your sister on your blog