Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Snuggie for the fashion obsessed...

Y-3 coat via

How can this be considered avant-garde when it is just a rip off of the snuggie? How does Gilt get people to by this kind of stuff? No wonder it was in the final sale category... but it still costs $219!!!!! You can buy a regular snuggie for only $19.99! Repeat after me: Just because something has a designer label on it does not make it pretty, good design or worth buying. 

actual snuggie pictures via


radmegan said...

Ug! Awful. That reminds me of that Tommy Boy quote about taking a crap in a box and marking it guaranteed. Great find Meliss!

MissMae said...

hahaha thanks! :) i guess today is a productive work day for me after all!