Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovely in Lace

The main boss came in today and I was dressed like this! It's a good thing that he doesn't pay very much attention to what I wear or else I would a little bit embarrassed that I wasn't more dressed up! One of the bosses only comes in once a month for meetings so I feel like should look extra nice and professional when they come in but I NEVER know when they are suppose to be in till that day. So it's a craps shoot as to how I dress on that day. Maybe this should be a lesson for me to ALWAYS dress professionally because I never know who might show up that day (I have a feeling fashion will prevail and I will continue to dress as I wish for work.)


Dress: Forever21
Cardigan: Rodarte for Target
Tights: Target?
Boots: Naturalizer
Watch: Orient, from a giveaway!

In more exciting news I received this watch in the mail from a giveaway that I entered in June! The giveaway was from Jenni's blog Daily Work It. That was a crazy day because I won another giveaway that same day from another blog! Sometimes I can be really lucky. Now I just need to get the watch resized and it will be perfect! Thanks Jenni! I love her blog and I love her new DIY blog even more! I just love a good DIY. 

p.s. I can't wait for the weekend! I think that this one is going to be full of some really great surprises! 


Estefany said...

I think you look nice the way you are dressed. Are you supposed to be super duper dressy where you work?

btw, I never realized you were a valley girl like myself. High five! haha.

MissMae said...

thank you! no, i definitely dont have to be super dressy for work but i do work in a law firm so i feel like its kind of conservative by nature but they aren't very strict about what anyone wears and we have casual friday. i think that it's just my style to be dressy especially at work!

i love that you are a valley girl too! :)