Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Mushrooms, Little Mushrooms... (to the tune of little boxes)

This dress is another one of the steals that I got from the amazing garage sale. I wasn't sure about this dress at first because it didn't really stand out at me and I already had so many pieces that I was buying but I realized that it would be perfect to wear to work but would easily transition to many other occasions. While I have already worn it to a few different functions and work I can't seem to keep the top in place and it is constantly slipping down. I need to find a different way to pin it or tack it down some how because I really don't want to wear something underneath and destroy the strong v shape.

I know that it is a pretty simple look but I still wanted to post it because I love this dress and I don't feel like it needs a lot of accessories.


Dress: MaxStudio
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: Guess, gift from a friend
Lipstick: Revlon, Red Velvet? 
Purse: gift from a friend

* It was actually pretty cold in and outside of the office today so I ended up wearing a sweater all day but I don't really think that it "goes" with the outfit so I decided to just keep it out. I have gotten a few questions about sweaters and other outerwear so I just wanted to make a note of what I left off of my outfit. 
** I think that the print on the dress is little mushrooms. 


joelle van dyne said...

that dress is lovely! you're right, it doesn't need too much accessorizing. i do love that bright green bag though! ~joelle

MissMae said...

thank you! i never realized how flattering wrap dresses are, that's probably why everyone goes crazy over DVF's wrap dresses. i have noticed from your blog that you are fan of green! :)