Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall! Fall! Fall!


Bomber Jacket: vintage from garage sale

Eekkk I can't wait for fall* to come so I have a reason to wear this jacket! I couldn't decide whether or not to get this jacket the first two or three times I went to the garage sale but it was still there so I HAD to get it. I have so many outfits planned out for this little number. I can't wait to try them all out and photograph them for the blog. Hopefully they turn out as well as I've envisioned them in my head. 

My normal outfit thought process goes like this: I'm lying in my bed (way to late of course because I'm kind of a night owl but have to be up early for work) and I start with one piece that I really want to wear or haven't worn in a long time. Then I try and think of a theme or vision of how I can wear the item and if I've seen anyone recently wearing something similar. The majority of the time I have another item that I want to wear too and I try and figure out a way to connect the two. If I am wearing something that is more crazy that I normally wear it is most likely because there were two very different items that I wanted to wear and tried to make them work together. The most important step is to write it all down ASAP or I will not remember in the morning. Then before I'm out the door I put together the last elements of the outfit and try and tie in my hair and makeup with the outfit. 

The outfit I think will be a uniform for me is:  
Black henley + pleated mini skirt + tights + black boots + (of course) this jacket

*I know that fall doesn't really come to LA the same way it does for most other cities but it will still start to get cooler and in LA we can be real babies about the weather. After I moved backed from Spokane I promised that I wouldn't ever complain that it was cold in LA but it's so hard not to! 

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