Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Penny


Shirt: Rampage, gift from a friend a long time ago
Skirt: unknown Chinese brand, from the amazing yard sale
Tights: Target?
Pashmina: from my friend that gave me the purse
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana
Necklace: borrowed from my sister
Belt: from my prom dress

I wore this on Tuesday to work. This outfit was great for work because this pashmina is soo soft. It was like wearing a blanket, I almost feel asleep! This outfit is a collection of 3 new pieces that I have bought/ been given in the last month or so. I really like this outfit probably because I seem to have a deep attachment with pleated skirts after wearing them for my grade school experience. This deep attachment doesn't apply to polo shirts though, despite wearing just as much as pleated skirts. 

I'm posting this from Solvang, California! I am here with my family for the weekend to hang out and explore the city (read: shop and eat Danish food). I am thinking about getting another pair of clogs; a more casual pair for walking around in. I can't wait to explore tomorrow!


joelle van dyne said...

this outfit is lovely! i really like the pale color of the skirt paired with the pashmina. ~joelle

MissMae said...

Mara and Joelle: Thank you! :) I can't believe my friend was giving this pashmina away! It's so soft and the color is amazing.

Mara: I think that ND probably ruined polo shirts for everyone! I'm not sure why pleated skirts didn't have the same fate but i'm glad that they didn't because I like them!