Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss Tree

Last summer I didn't have a job right after I graduated college so I went on a crafting kick and started reading fashion blogs (still my obsession). The craft kick was fueled by a really neat kit that I got as a graduation present from one of my best friends who I've known forever. It is called "The Softies Kit" by Therese Laskey. The kit comes with patterns to make 15 different softies and supplies to make one mini cake. So far I have made the tree, the ice cream sandwich and the dress on a hanger but I have plans to make all of them.


I would recommend this kit if you are interested in making super cute softies and like hand sewing. Since most of the stitch work is decorative and tiny the majority of it is impossible to do on a sewing machine; unless, perhaps you are some sort of sewing machine genius. Unfortunately, I am not very handy with a sewing machine, especially since I use a vintage Kenmore that belonged to my grandmother. The thought of hand sewing some of the patterns that really call for machine sewing has deterred me from making those till I'm desperate enough to try and fight with my sewing machine. 

Ms. Tree

I named the tree that I made "Miss. Tree" (how original, right?) because I love to give all the softies that I make little names. I spent far too many hours hand sewing all of the tiny stitches on the leaves! One mistake that I made was semi glueing down the leaves in exactly the place that I was going to sew because the glue made it really hard to get the needle through the felt. My poor fingers were raw after that! I love how she turned out though and refuse to part with her!

For now she just sits on my desk next to my writing utensils and a stuffed Donald Duck but I can tell that she wants some other softie friends to join her.

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