Friday, August 6, 2010

Flower Child

Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been very busy and that hasn't left me with much time to post my newest outfit pictures! Also, I am waiting on some people to send me some pictures of outfits from this week so I can post them. Included in those pictures will be an outfit with my other pair of shoes that I got at the DecadesTwo shoe sale! It was my first time wearing them out and they were perfect for a summer birthday dinner.

I wore this outfit to work yesterday because I wanted something comfortable and warm to wear to work. It might be summer outside, or at least in the 80's, but it is about 65 in my office! I kept getting comments from everyone at work asking me if i was a flower child or a hippy or if it was my Halloween costume! oh well! I liked my outfit even if the headband made it a little bit costume-y for work.

Headband: Forever21
Scarf: from my friend! :)
Shirt: Forever21
Black dress pants: Express
Black sweater: the Gap, borrowed from my sister
Reading glasses: Armani

ps I'm sorry that the picture format is so weird! the new flickr is a bit confusing and since I only had my macbook to take a picture I figured that I didn't need to figure out how to make the picture much bigger anyway.

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