Saturday, August 14, 2010

J.Crew Catalogue + Deconstructed

The inspiration for this outfit is a variation of the classic (or at least to me) J.Crew look: pleated trouser shorts in Khaki, grey shirt, fitted blazer, heels, headband and loads of necklaces. I never dress like this, ever, so it was fun to try it out for a day. I liked it so much that I was going to wear it out Friday night after work (where I originally wore it) but changed out of fear of spilling on the shorts! I feel like I have to be extra delicate with my nice clothing that I got from the garage sale. 

My own little twist on the outfit, of course, is the deconstructed back of this tank top. I love how preppy and sweet the outfit looks from the front but a bit edgy from the back and side. I have worn this tank out so many times and it is still holding it's shape, despite looking very delicate. I was pretty worried that it would just deteriorate completely after a couple of wears because the thread is so thin and the tank is fairly sheer. 

(all the photos were taken with my mom's iPhone4 by my lovely little sister)

Shirt: shredded by me, H&M
Shorts: Celine, garage sale
Shoes: Aldo
Blazer: Rampage, gift
Necklaces: short pearl necklace, gift
long pearl necklace, Ralph Lauren from Nordstrom's Rack
triple strand necklace, Betsy Johnson, gift
charm necklace, Guess, gift
Headband: Goody?

p.s. I tried to write this post last night but I got distracted because they happened to be filming one of my favorite tv shows EVER down the street from my house. If you follow me on twitter you would already know that this is The Office! I got to see Jim and Pam up close and my sister shouted out "right in the spot where our dog always poops on walks". One of the crew members thought that this was really funny. hehe We didn't end up getting any pictures with them or autographs but it was still pretty cool!

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Ugh excuse me where is my credit I took the pictures thanks gosh and u even put my moms iPhone where am I u better changs that