Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help me pick what shoes to buy...

A while back (almost two months ago now) I won a $100 Shopbop gift card from one of my favorite fellow LA bloggers Dafashionista! Since then I've been stalking the site trying to figure out what to buy splurge on. I knew that I wanted to spend it on a pair of shoes, especially some short black booties. Despite having quite the collection of black shoes they really are my favorite and I wear them with everything so I might as well get more, right? The only problem with all of this is that every time a fabulous shoe that I want goes on sale, someone else buys it! It's very unfortunate that 7 is such a popular size.

Anyway, here are some of my top choices of shoes that I want to spend my gift card on. Leave a comment with which pair you think that I should get (hopefully they won't be sold out by then in my size)! (All of the pictures are the stock pictures from the Shopbop website.)

  L.A.M.B. $295                      Sigerson Morrison $350                Tory Burch $350

          Tory Burch $350                             Joie $375                                  Ash $275

          Dolce Vita $210                       MMM $530 (yikes!)               Rag & Bone $450

If you want to see the rest of my wish list here and if you just want to shop at shopbop here.


Laura said...

I like the Tory Burch ones and the Rag & Bone pair! For some reason I think the Rag & Bone pair really looks like you.

Tanya said...

ooooh bottom row (first and third ones) love~!

MissMae said...

tanya: the rag and bone pair look like those emma cook for topshop shoes that whats her name has. :)