Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreaming of fall

Summer has just started this week in LA but I already started practicing dressing for fall. It would be nice if LA had actually seasons like most of the rest of the country and I could actually wear this type of outfit outside of the office. The skirt is a bit frumpy for me but I still like it especially since it is wool but not itchy like most everything else that is wool.

I might not have any pictures for the rest of the week because all the cameras in my family have gone on vacation along with my parents and little sister. If everything goes according to plan this will change on Friday! 

Shirt: Rampage, gift from friend
Skirt: Harvé Bernard, from garage sale
Blazer: Donna Karen, garage sale
Necklace: one of my sisters?
Shoes: Aldo

1 comment:

Tiffany A. Stingley said...

You are looking so beautiful with fall dress. I have checked out the price level of, mini skirt, blazers and shoes and think these are more affordable dresses for winter. Your outfits are strong and appreciable.....