Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Garden

My lovely cousin Tanya offered to take these photos for me today in exchange for helping with her makeup portfolio. They were taken in the garden on the side of her house. She even let me borrow the snake belt that I am wearing.  My sister has a complete phobia of snakes and was freaked out just by touching the belt but it reminds me of the pet snake that my college roommate had.

Blouse: batwing from H&M, gift from Danish cousin
Skirt: Kimchi Blue, birthday gift from friend
Shoes: "Firlik" via Aldo Day After Thanksgiving Sale
Belt: borrowed from Tanya

Here is a close up of the shoes. They are my favorite shoes but since they are pointy I can't wear them for hours at a time like I can with some of my other heels. 

- Melissa 


Jessica said...

i heart those shoes!!! i love your style

Jessica said...

eheheh i am totally afraid of snakes too... but that belt so works with the outfit, so jungle theme. the snake belt and the animal print top!