Thursday, February 18, 2010

Studding Party

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I celebrated with my friends by having a stud party.  No, this wasn’t a party themed around a young bachelor but rather studs, or pyramid studs to be more specific.  I ordered 500 silver and 200 black studs from after reading positive reviews from other bloggers about their products and service.  I received the order promptly and the studs were all that I had dreamed of! 

This stud obsession of mine started before Christmas when I began to see more and more studs pop up on everything from clutches to men’s dress shirts.  It was an instant obsession.                                                                      
At first everyone was weary of studding because they didn’t think that they were cool enough to wear studs or they didn’t want to ruin an item of clothing if they ended up not liking the finished result.  After putting in their first stud all of my friends were hooked! One friend said that she could totally understand my obsession and wanted to order some more studs with me! 

Here is the pair of jeans my friend studded. 

We learned an important lesson – thin cotton tank tops are not suitable for heavy studs! Even if they look like they are secured, the studs slip out very easily! Denim and leather are still the easiest and best fabrics for studs.

Happy Studding 


Jessica said...

you should totally do a tutorial on how to do this. where did you get the studs? i love your blog

MissMae said...

i got the studs from